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Webs of Silk

Am Ende wartet die Freiheit.

The Spider Queen
7 July
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About Webs of Silk

Updated October, 2016

When asked what they want to do with their life, most people tend to answer in terms of school, job, marriage, kids, house. My answer has always been a little different. I want to live an unconventional life, have extraordinary experiences, and become a fascinating person. The greatest compliment I've ever received (and probably ever could) was, "You are one of the most interesting people I've ever met."

My career is important to me, but I don't believe that a person is defined by what they do for work. If I told you that I worked in fast food or retail, it wouldn't change who I am as a person. Thankfully, however, I was able to turn one of the things that I have loved since I was 10 years old, something that will always be an important part of me -- emergency medical services -- into a national certification which allows me to work in a fascinating field that definitely contributes to my aforementioned goal of having extraordinary experiences!

My home is also important to me, but I certainly don't feel that owning a house would put me any closer toward my ultimate goals in life. In fact, it would probably remove me from them even farther, as owning a house is too permanent for me. I prefer to rent because it's easier to change my mind at the end of a year! At some point I'd like to pack up and move to Germany for a few years, go to India for a while, or join the Peace Corps or work in a refugee camp overseas. Can't really do that if you're tied down to a house. What is really important to me, though? Having MY OWN SPACE. I call my apartment Equatoria and it's ALL MINE. Done with roommates, hopefully forever! I'm too independent for that. I need freedom in my life!

As for the rest, I don't care all that much. I've been married, but it didn't work out, I will have to find one REALLY AMAZING HUMAN BEING for me to consider doing it again. Kids are off the table, I know for a fact they are not for me at all.

Other facts about me: I live in my favorite city, in my homestate of Arizona, for which I gave up just about everything in 2014 -- quit my job, moved across the country again without a place to live or a job lined up, all to come back to the place I love. Made it work! I have a spiritual connection to this land and I love the hands-on side of history. Reading about history is one thing, but I want to physically be in historical places and feel the energy of the past as I explore things. I love the dark and gothic aesthetic, as well as a lot of things that others find scary or unappealing: spiders, the paranormal, etc. I seem to have a penchant for things that the majority of people don't like or that have a bad name. For instance, spiders being my favorite animal, Islam being my favorite religion. I am a very spiritual person who is open to all religions, which surprises some people; a lot of people expect me to be an Atheist for some reason. I am not, at all.

To be continued....